Sunday, January 17, 2010

can't think of a clever title

It's Sunday afternoon and I just had a drink named after me. Mom, dad, don't worry. I don't usually drink on Sunday afternoons-- I'm in a bar that has free wifi (one of the only places with free wifi, actually), and I had to buy something to use the internet, so I ordered a mocha with Bailey's. Except apparently the French don't drink that, and it took a while to explain what I wanted. The bartender named my "new" concoction the "Erin," so here I am, sipping myself and speaking franglais with the bartender and the seven or so other American students crammed into this tiny bar.

Yesterday a bunch of us took a bus to Monaco for the day. It was nice to get out of Aix and see some of the Provence countryside, but Monaco itself was a little bit disappointing. For a city-state of 5000 people, I suppose it couldn't have been too exciting. It's definitely a ritzy place, and beautiful: I took a lot of pictures which I'll try to post. We toured the old city and walked around Monte Carlo, and checked out the Ferraris, Porches, and other various fancy cars that littered the streets.

My favorite part about the trip was actually the ride back. We stopped in a small town on the Mediterranean which is home to a "parfumerie." We toured the perfume factory and tried out some samples. I may or may not have bought some French perfume. (It was at factory price, so why not?)

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