Thursday, January 28, 2010


What irony. Or is it just a coincidence? (English majors, help.) I finally have internet access at home, and now I have nothing to post on my blog. This week has been a typical example of my life here. I've gone to class, gradually comprehending more of my professors' words each day, had a few canceled classes, and eaten some crepes. And beaucoup de baguettes. I can't believe how much bread I'm eating here. Baguette for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a little bit of meat and cheese here or there. The cheese certainly is my favorite thing about France so far, though. Each dinner, I leave extra room so I can indulge in the cheese course. Fromage du chevre is my favorite (goat cheese). It's like butter, only it's cheese, which is soo much better. Contrary to what my landlady believes, Americans do appreciate good cheese, we just don't have much of it for such a cheap price in the States.

I'm surprised how much people talk about the good old Etats-Unis here. We can't have dinner without seeing Obama on television, without my landlady comparing American customs to French customs (usually claiming that Americans are silly). All of my classes mention the US, even though it would seem that their topics wouldn't focus so much on America. (In my law of international relations class, we're actually doing a whole segment on whether or not America is on the decline.) Clearly, some situations are overly American because I'm American and people like to compare cultures, but I get the feeling that even if I wasn't here, the French would still be going on and on about all things American.

On another, more positive note, I've been sick all week. Probably the reason there's nothing to write about. I've been confined to my room every night, trying to get well before I leave for the Alps this weekend. Oh yeah, I'm going skiing in the Alps. If I haven't already bragged about this to you all, you get to hear me say it again. I'M GOING SKIING IN THE ALPS! Clearly, I'm excited. Hopefully it will give me more to write about. In the meantime, keep it classy America.

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